Wirless Solutions

MedScend's wireless solutions allow physicians to view and work from anywhere any time. With MedScend's wireless handheld MediPalm and MediPalmCE users can access patient details in real-time. Drug and Ancillary orders may be placed, changed or discontinued. Patient diagnostic profiles and allergy codes may be updated. In addition, physician's are able to complete admission and monthly reviews from anywhere at anytime.

With smart phones such as the Treo 650 physicians expand there coverage to anywhere in the country. While wireless handhelds allow physicians to work within range of a facilities wireless network, internet phones allow physicians access from home or anywhere they may be.

With all information encrypted before it is transmitted, you can be sure that patient information remains secure and confidential.

Palm devices such as the Palm powered Symbol devices provide a rugged solution. Rated to sustain a five foot drop and continue functioning these handhelds may be used anywhere. With its built in class 2 laser scanner it can scan patient bar codes to quickly locate patient profiles.

With PocketPC devices, such as the Dell Axim and HP iPaq devices, physicians can use built-in wireless capable devices that fit in a shirt pocket.

Patient information may be viewed and updated from anywhere within range of the facility's wireless network.

Phones with the capability to access the internet and run either Palm or PocketPC applications such as the Treo 650 may be used to access patient information from anywhere in the country.