Web Solutions

MedScend's web solutions allow physician's to view and work from any workstation able to run Internet Explorer. With MedScend's web based MedCenter users can access patient details in real-time. Drug and Ancillary orders may be placed, changed or discontinued. Patient diagnostic profiles and allergy codes may be updated. In addition, users are able to complete admission and monthly reviews.

Users from the various departments within a facility may access patient information according to the access rights assigned to them. They may see at a glance and review their Patient Status. Rehab and dietary can make recommendations that can later be countersigned by physicians. Nursing can view and print patient profiles and orders as well as place Telephone orders.

Management can monitor system usage with various reports. Drug order and discontinue reports allow the monitoring of which drugs are being ordered. The DC Returns report allows management to monitor how often drugs are being ordered for too long a period of time and yet returned shortly afterwards.

The Web interface provides an easy to use interface with which most users are familiar. With a focus on ease of use users can be up and running in a very short time.

Patient Status:

Users from all departments can log onto the system and see a patient status list for their patients. Doctors will see at a glance any Telephone orders that need to be counter-signed. They will also see a list of patients that are due for a monthly review. Nurses will see that monthly reviews are imminent by being presented with a list of patients due for monthly reviews within the next few days (the number of days is configurable by the facility). Rehab and Dietary can see when orders have been placed for their patients.

Patient Profile:

List all of the current orders for a patient. These include both drug and ancillary orders. In addition, allergies and chronic conditions (ICD9) are available. Encoded allergies are used to detect allergic reactions at the point of care when physicians are writing prescriptions.

Drug Search:

Allows users to enter the first few letters of a drug name. A list sorted by formulary access is presented. In addition, "Favorites" for commonly used drug can be saved at both the facility level and individual user level. Facility favorites are available to everyone. Selecting a favorite allows users to select a drug with all fields pre-populated using a single click.

Monthly Review:

Monthly Review: Reviews are done with the current profile already in place. There is no need to transcribe and update interim orders that may have been placed since the pharmacy printed and delivered MAR and TAR reports. MedScend's system will alert the physician whether a required order type has been missed. All orders are automatically sent to the pharmacy and the new MAR, TAR and Physician Order reports are available immediately.


Reports are available to help manage and understand how orders are being placed within a facility. Drug and ancillary orders may be reviewed, including treatments, dietary, rehab and many others.