Doctors and nurses are spending more and more time performing clerical task. Efficiency in processing orders is essential to freeing medical staff so that they can have more time to perform their tasks

Eliminate hand written orders

Hand written orders are the source of a great deal of confusion, wasted time and potential errors. MedScend eliminates time spent interpreting handwritten orders by nurses and pharmacies by providing clean legible orders. These orders may be printed or viewed through a browser or handheld at any time. New Orders, Discontinue Orders and Change Orders are all provided in clear legible reports.

Eliminate monthly transcribing

When monthly Medical and Treatment reports are delivered by a pharmacy there is a delay of 1, 2 or even 3 days from they time they are printed to the time they are received by the facility staff. This results in time spent by nurses transcribing any interim new, discontinue or change orders placed during that period. MedScend eliminates the time spent reconciling these reports. When a physician does a monthly review, the orders are always current. When the review is complete and printed, it is printed at the time of the review. This means there is no time wasted reconciling the MAR and TAR reports.

Automatic order delivery

Manually faxing orders to the pharmacy takes time and causes delays. MedScend frees personnel from the task of faxing or calling in orders by sending them automatically to the pharmacy. Depending on the pharmacy, orders can be faxed over a telephone line, printed over a secure internet connection or transmitted directly into the pharmacy's computer system through an electronic interface.


Various reports are available to help manage and understand how orders are being placed within a facility. Below are highlights of a few of the reports available:

Faxing and internet printing drastically reduce the number of pharmacy call backs because of unreadable handwritten orders. The electronic interface further reduces errors by eliminating data entry on the part of the pharmacy.

Patient status at a glance

Users from all departments can log onto the system and see a patient status list for their patients. Doctors will see at a glance any Telephone orders that need to be counter-signed. They will also see a list of patients that are due for a monthly review. Nurses will see that monthly reviews are imminent by being presented with a list of patients due for monthly reviews within the next few days (the number of days is configurable by the facility).