About Us

MedScend was founded with the idea that long term health care facilities could be made safer, more efficient and cost effective. We focus solely on improving conditions at long term health care facilities

Pervez Siddiqui

Mr. Siddiqui is a licensed pharmacist who, over 30 years, has bought, managed and sold several successful pharmacy businesses. Mr. Siddiqui was also Vice President of LogonHealth, a leading e-health player of its time. Earlier in his career Mr. Siddiqui was a Clinical Pharmacist at St. Lukes/Roosevelt Hospital Center and a production manager for Boots Pharmaceuticals.

John Toledo
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Toledo has 21 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical and Financial industries. Mr. Toledo has worked at institutions such as Dun and Bradstreet and has also consulted at firms such as Merck Medco, Quest Diagnostics and Johnson and Johnson. Mr. Toledo has worked as both a software engineer/architect and manager of a number of successful large-scale enterprise systems including Internet and Intranet Web systems. Mr. Toledo holds a BS from Rutgers University.